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Exhibition, Graphic Design, Moving Poster, Catalog

SeMA 벙커에서 진행된 전시 <PRO-TEST>의 그래픽 디자인. 발자국들이 움직이며 향하는 방향에 따라 글자의 형태가 드러나 읽힐 수 있게 되는 무빙 포스터를 통해 같은 목소리를 내는 사람들이 모이면 힘을 가지게 되는 ‘시위'의 의미를 나타냈다.

아보포크토베스(송민정, 안초롱, 최수빈), 이수성, 탁영준, 호상근
기획: 최지혜
Graphic design for exhibition ‘PRO-TEST’ which was held in SeMA Bunker in Seoul. The main graphic focuses on the meaning of ‘Protest’ which is that when many people speak in public in the same way, it gets more power and it is more noticeable. As moving in the same direction, the small footprints on the letters of the title get to be strong enough to be legible.

Artist: AVOPOKTOVES(Song Min Jung. An Chorong, Choi Subin), SooSung Lee, Young-jun Tak, Ho Sangun
Curator: Choi Jihye